Zebra scientific name

Zebra scientific name is Equus quagga. On the African savannah, a herd of striped horses gallops, these are zebras. This report will introduce these animals, will tell about them a lot of interesting things.

To imagine a zebra is very simple. This is a black, white stripe horse. Its color is very similar to a sea vest. In height, it grows to 1.3 meters, the length of the trunk – up to 2.5 meters, and this horse weighs 350 kg.

It is interesting that in Africa there are no two identical zebras. The color of each is unique, like fingerprints. These animals live only in Africa. They settled all over the continent. They can be found in the mountains, savannah and desert.

There are very few desert zebras, so they are listed in the Red Book.

Zebras live in herds of 6-10 individuals. In each group only one male, all the rest – females with foals.