Are flamingo eggs pink ?

Flamingo eggs are not pink. Nestlings of flamingos hatch by sighted, with a straight beak, covered with light down. Their beak bends only after 2 weeks. Nestlings of flamingos grow quickly. However, for quite a long time (about a month) they are dependent on their parents, although they already have the necessary equipment for food production. But parents continue to feed them with belching, consisting mainly of special secretions of the walls of the esophagus.

Feeding flamingos fly often for several tens of kilometers from the nest, leaving the chicks in the care of the “watchman-nurse.” This watchman conscientiously fulfills his duties, guards the chicks and leads them with the onset of twilight to the nests, strictly following the order, “chastising” and urging the laggards.

Flamingos, it would seem, birds are not fastidious. And yet not all water bodies are suitable for the life of flamingos. Here, the role is played by the amount of food, the degree of salinity in water, and its level, and so on.

That’s why though these birds live in Africa, Asia, Europe, but they do not settle everywhere and their nesting places, as well as wintering grounds, are very scattered and can be thousands of kilometers apart. In the same colonies, flamingos arrange nests fairly close to each other. Perhaps, because there are not so many suitable places to live, and flamingos are forced to live in crowded conditions.