Are flamingos endangered ?

Flamingos in the world, according to approximate estimates, are still about a million and complete disappearance for them today is not threatened, they should be taken under strict protection. To other types of flamingos this applies even more. Especially to the flamingo of James – a very rare bird, considered until recently completely extinct.

The pink flamingo is red, or the Caribbean. It dwells on the islands of the Caribbean Sea, on the northeast coast of South America, in the southern part of this continent and on the Galapagos Islands.

Three more flamingos are found in America: the Chilean, the Andean, or the yellow-flamed (Phoenicoparrus andinus) flamingo, and the flamingo of James, or, as it is also called, the short-bitten. Flamingo Andes lives in the mountains, at an altitude of several thousand meters above sea level (as scientists believe, literally on the border of life).

The most common and numerous are ordinary pink flamingos. But because of the increased hunting, due to mass deaths during unexpected snowfalls and unforeseen frosts, these birds become smaller.