Are guinea pigs rodents ?

Yes, they are. Guinea pigs are small rodents originating from South America. In length they reach 24-30 centimeters, and weigh from 700 to 1000 grams. On the front paws are 4, and on the back – 3 fingers.

Like many other rodents, guinea pigs have 2 pairs of medium incisors, which constantly grow and self-sharpen when erased. Fangs do not. Between the incisors and molars are significant gaps, which is characteristic of herbivorous mammals.

It must have been that the monotonous coloring of the animals did not satisfy the amateurs, and they began to remove spotty, two- and even three-color swine. There were rocks that differ not only in color, but also in length, and in the structure of the wool. They often have a light gray or golden hue of wool, with each hair consisting of different color zones: the roots are silvery white, in the middle reddish or golden, and at the tips almost black. Strips and spots for this color are excluded.

Monogonous pigs are black, white, red, dark brown. A white animal with red eyes is an albino. There are several species of spotted guinea pigs. Tortoises are usually three-color – with black, white and red spots. A Dutch, the predominant color in which the white, as if dipped into the waist in the paint (black, chocolate, golden or silver), and then painted with the same paint ears and cheeks.