Are hippos vegetarian ?

Despite its power, awesome appearance and aggressiveness, the hippo is a herbivore(vegetarian). With the onset of twilight the animals go to the pasture, where there is enough grass to make the whole herd complete.

Hippos do not have enemies in the wild, however, they prefer to graze near the pond, they are so calmer. And yet, if the grass is not enough, they can go away from a cozy place for many kilometers.

In order to feed themselves, hippopotamus has to chew incessantly 4-5 hours daily, or rather, nightly. They need a lot of grass, about 40 kg per feed.

All the herbage goes to food, reeds and young shoots of bushes and trees come up. It happens, however, that the behemoth eats the carrion near the pond. But this phenomenon is too rare and not normal.