Are kangaroos rodents ?

As we know kangaroos are marsupials mammals, while rodents are placental mammals, so the answer is no.¬†Kangaroo rats are rodents, but they are not the same as “popular”¬†kangaroos.

The ability to reproduce offspring begins already in a year and a half or two (they live from 9 to 18 years, cases were recorded when individual specimens survived to thirty). In this case, males are so fierce battles for the female, that the collision often ends in severe injuries.

In the female, only one kangaroo is born, and more rarely twins. Before the baby is born, the mother carefully lugs the bag (leather fold on the abdomen, designed for the development of the baby kangaroo), and sets the purity in it.

Pregnancy lasts from one to one and a half months, so kangaroo is born blind, without wool, its weight does not exceed one gram, and the length is no more than three centimeters in large species. Once born, he instantly clings to the mother’s coat and crawls into the bag, which he spends about eleven months.