Are mice dangerous ?

They don’t harm people, but field mice are the largest and most dangerous pests of agriculture. In most cases, they destroy agriculture. And they harm both fields with growing plants, and granaries. During mass breeding cause irreparable damage.

Field mice live in winter in bread rations and barns. In the gardens and vegetable gardens, tomatoes, watermelons, potatoes, carrots, sunflowers are damaged. If you get into the cellar – completely ruin the blanks for the winter. In the springtime, they feed on shoots and bark of fruit plantations.

Field mice are miniature rodents, causing irreparable damage to farmers and gardeners. May dwell in fields, marshy, mountainous terrain. Reproduce up to 6 times a year. They live in stacks, haystacks, stumps of straw, burrows, barns, cellars. Along the spine have a straight line of black or brown hue.

The number of mice is also affected by their natural enemies, primarily predatory birds. The thunderstorm of field mice is an owl. For a year eats up 1000-1200 pieces. Foxes, martens, caresses feed almost exclusively on mice. The ferret destroys 10-12 voles per day. Weasel with its long narrow body is able to make its way into the burrows and eat the cubs.