Are pandas carnivores ?

It takes more than 13 hours a day for the panda to search for food. This animal feeds mainly on young shoots of bamboo, but if they are not available, does not refuse from its old stems. On average, a panda can eat about 25 kg of bamboo per day.

Thanks to her strong and powerful teeth, she can use hard bamboo. This is not a very high-calorie food, so the panda has to chew it almost constantly. For a long time everyone believed that bamboo is the only food of this animal.

But later they began to notice bones in the stomachs of dead pandas. It was concluded that the panda is a predator, sometimes it can even eat carrion. There are cases when specific problems arise with food, the animal eats grapevine, bark, leaves, stems of trees, and also some roots of plants. The world of the animal panda is understood by few. In their close world they do not let anyone in, hide it from outside views and lead a reclusive life.

About how behave these animals in the wild is little known because of their reclusive way of life. The duration of their life in captivity is about 25-30 years. Animal red panda is a relative of panda common. Nepal, India, China – the countries in which they mostly live. Animals differ in color and size.