Are rat snakes poisonous ?

The maize razor is the main name for a non-venomous snake from the family of the monotonous, belonging to the genus Pantherophis. Also this kind of runner is known as the red rat snake. This second name of the snake is due to the characteristic appearance. In addition, in private collections held by exotic lovers, this reptile is often called gutata or spotted climbing skid.

The reptile grows to two meters, but in most cases, the average size of an adult does not exceed one and a half meters. To date, there are many varieties or so-called color variations of the red rat snake, but the main color of the maize strip is represented by an orange background and black strips that surround the spots of red color.

In natural conditions, a maize or spotted climbing strip is found, as a rule, in deciduous forests, as well as in infertile soils and near rocky slopes. A very large population lives next to farming in almost the whole of America, as well as in the Mexican provinces and the Cayman Islands.

In natural habitats, a reptile inhabits the earth for about four months, and then often rises to trees or bushes, rocky ledges and any other elevations. For adults, a semi-woody lifestyle is characteristic.