Are sea lions aggressive ?

Males of sea lions are very aggressive and territorial, and there have been cases when they attacked swimmers in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. In this region, the attacks of sea lions on humans are much greater than those of shark attacks.

In 2004, a sea lion jumping into a fisherman’s boat, dragged him off the boat and dragged him into the water – a man miraculously survived. The name “sea lion” was clearly given to him for a reason …

Those trained fur seals, which we often see in circus performances or in shows in aquariums, are actually Californian sea lions, large marine mammals that inhabit the western shores of North America. Smart pinnipeds quickly learn to perform various tricks, but in the wild these 320 kilogram stunts, whose body length reaches 1.8 meters, can be quite dangerous.

They feed on sea lions with fish, shellfish, and crustaceans. They find mollusks at the bottom, diving for this to a depth of 90 m, and the fish are pursued with great dexterity. In water, these animals move like birds, actively rowing their forelimbs. Because sea lions live in warmer waters than most pinnipeds, they do not accumulate large amounts of fat.