Bear scientific name

Bear scientific name is Ursidae. Brown bears for their stay have chosen both the taiga, and mountain forests, and fertile meadows along the rivers. Their range stretches from the Arctic coast, through the tundra and northern forests, to Spain, Italy and Iran in Eurasia, and on the North American continent to Mexico itself. The population of brown bears is also in Japan, on the island of Hokkaido.

It is believed that 125-150 thousand brown bears live around the world. But they remained mostly only in the distance from industrial centers. And wherever the civilization has clamped the bearish nation from all sides, the beast sharply tends.

It is said that in the middle part of Russia it is still possible to meet a bear, and here and there it is also suited for bargaining. But the carcass of this rare prey will not weigh up to 75-150 kg, and the skins spread on the floor of the cabinet barely cover the square meter of the floor – now they only mention the three-meter-tall giant in hunting bikes.

The color of the skin of Mikhail Potapich is quite varied. Its wool can be painted in a variety of shades of brown – from rusty to dark brown, almost black. Moreover, to old age – 20-25 years – the tips of hair turn gray, and the bear becomes gray.

In pursuit of prey, the bear develops speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. Strong paws allow. But more often he uses his claws: they are really very long – up to 10-12 centimeters. With their help, he climbs trees, they also get food. Because although the bear belongs to the order of predators, in terms of nutrition, it is more vegetarian.