Can guinea pigs eat pears ?

Pears can be given to guinea pigs rarely, in combination with water and because of the large amount of sugar can lead to diarrhea. Pear tree can be given indefinitely. Do not give vegetables only once a day!

The portion should be divided into several receptions to ensure the intestine is evenly loaded! If you give them only once, then the long-awaited vegetables of the mumps eat very quickly, swallowing a lot of air, which can cause fermentation in the intestines.

If the mumps eat only hay for 23 hours, a large portion of the vegetables loads the intestines, which leads to a malfunction in its operation. Therefore it is important to distribute feeding with green food and vegetables for several feeds during the day. It is optimal to divide the portion into two or three doses.

Dried herbs, flowers and leaves are also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Especially in winter they are an integral part of the pig’s diet, and should be used as a fodder additive to replace the not available summer food. It is recommended to give an average of 20 grams of dried herbs. They contain many minerals, especially calcium (an average of 8 times more than fresh).