Can guinea pigs eat potatoes ?

Don’t feed¬†guinea pigs with¬†potatoes. Potatoes in raw form contain hard digestible starch, green dots and green shoots are poisonous. Pay attention to selective eating: guinea pigs are able to choose incompatible and poisonous plants. But, it works only if they are offered a wide range of feeds, because they are using their natural instincts. With monotonous feeding, this ability is lost. And mumps can absorb harmful foods.

Adult guinea pigs, who receive a variety of food, do not feel the need for dry food! Any dry food should be considered as an additional source of calories and energy. Most commercial dry feeds contain too much fat, starch, sugar and are often difficult to digest. In additional supplementation, only sick and breeding animals, as well as those kept on the street during the winter period, may be needed.

Dry food for such animals should contain little sugar and basically consist of a mixture of dry herbs, a small amount of grain, a few flakes, dried vegetables and several seeds. The needs of the animal depend on the breed, housing conditions, age, health, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider additional nutrition and all aspects should be taken into account. The average value of complementary feeding, as a rule, is as follows: no more than one teaspoon per day is no longer required.