Can guinea pigs eat strawberries ?

The second in the rating of the richest sources of vitamin C is the kind of berries. It is valued by rodents no less than grapes and is eaten in a matter of minutes. As in the case of a banana, it is necessary to feed strawberries to these animals with care, as an overabundance of vitamin C in the body can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

The most healthy and most natural food for guinea pigs is the wild meadow with various plants and herbs. In the Andes, guinea pigs, according to some information, eat primarily herbs that are rich in protein and vitamin C.

Guinea pigs receive this vitamin mainly from grass. In the process of evolution, they lost the ability to synthesize it independently. Grass and plants contain almost all the nutrients required by guinea pig.

However, not all herbs contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C, so you should definitely offer herbs in order to compensate for this deficiency. Fibers contained in grass and greens, favorably affect the intestines and help the ground food move. Such nutrition also contributes to proper tooth wear. In an unlimited amount of grass and plants can be given only after gradual training.