Can hamsters eat watermelon ?

Feeding hamsters with watermelon or melons is not recommended because they contain a high percentage of water and can cause watery stools and diarrhea. This also applies to watermelon seeds and crusts.

Can sunflower seeds, pumpkin, wheat, flax be harvested to hamsters ?

Yes, hamsters can eat sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. In the wild, hamsters are known collectors and eaters of seeds, so it makes sense to make sure that there is a certain amount of seeds in their diet. Pumpkin seeds have a hard shell and large kernels, they contain many nutrients useful to your home hamster.

Dwarf hamsters may have a problem with such large seeds. Feed your pet with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds every few days as a treat to prevent them from forming excess weight. Dwarf hamsters can also develop diabetes if they suffer from obesity. Other seeds that love hamsters are seeds of flax, wheat and sesame seeds