Can lizards swim ?

Lizards swim well and when attacking a predator they can escape in the water, burrowing into the mud. Tritons live in water – everyone will say it. In the pond or just in the ditch – who did not see the newts! Harmless, in general, they are cute, they slip slowly between the leaves of aquatic plants, lie on the silt, spreading their legs, as if in lazy thoughtfulness. T

he air will swallow and, letting the air bubble, go vertically down, vigorously working the tail. Tritons in ponds are such an ordinary sight that many people are perplexed to learn that fresh water is only a temporary habitat for newts.

Lizards lived on earth long before the appearance of man. We can say that they are terrestrial old-timers.

Today on earth there are more than 3500 different species of lizards. Lizards belong to the squamous group, which belongs to the class of reptiles / reptiles. They include such animals as agamas, iguanas, chameleons, monitor lizards, geckos and many others.

Lizards have dry scaly skin, four clawed limbs and a long tail, from which some are getting rid of in case of danger. Other lizards, in contrast, have a strong tail and use it as an attribute of social status.