Can pigs swim ?

Yes, pigs can swim. It seems that such an unwieldy animal can not in principle be a good swimmer. But pigs do not need to be taught to swim, they fully use this natural gift. There are cases when wild boars swam across the bays to 40 kilometers wide.

In the Pacific there is an atoll of Fakaofo, where wild fowls live. Scientists have discovered that these creatures not only swim well, but also dive for fish to a depth of fifteen meters. And on the Antilles, the sailors of small boats today use pigs as the simplest navigational device.

If in the Caribbean Sea the ship is off course, then the pig prepared for such a case is simply thrown into the sea. The animal unmistakably begins to swim towards the nearest land.

Pigs are quiet animals. In the context of animal husbandry, man would like the pigs to be as calm as possible. However, the intellect of pigs often plays a bad joke with them. Farmers living on farms are extremely intolerant of changes in the routine.