Can rabbits eat oats ?

The best grain food for rabbits of all ages is oats. Most often it is fed dry. But for a variety of diets, especially during the fattening period, it is better to steak the oats in slightly salted water or to roast. Willingly eat rabbits and barley.

Solid grains-peas, corn, vetch, lentils for 2-3 hours before feeding are soaked. Corn grain, poor in protein, it is better to give with leguminous crops.

The most complete mixed feed, consisting of several grains of grain and the necessary mineral and vitamin supplements. When buying mixed fodders, you need to find out what kind of animals it is cooked for. You can not feed rabbits with bird feed, as it is harmful to them: they add crushed shell, small stones and other impurities. You can feed mixed fodder, cooked for cattle, pigs.

Mixed fodder and bran are fed just like crushed grain. Wheat bran is mainly given to rabbits for fattening. Rye bran is fed only in small quantities. In order not to reduce the consumption of other foods and not cause digestive disorders, young animals are given no more than 30-50 grams of bran per day per animal, and rabbits 1-2 months old do not give them at all.