Can rabbits see in the dark ?

Yes rabbits can see in the dark. Wild rabbits, which belong to a detachment of hare-shaped, in size, structure and appearance, resemble domestic rabbits. Their length does not exceed 40 cm. In wild rabbits, as well as in hares, on the upper jaw, behind two large incisors there are a couple of small teeth.

From hares, they differ brownish-gray, with reddish hues of the upper body and a whitish-gray belly. The color of the tail is dominated by black. Winter fur coloring is similar to summer, only slightly darker. Head small, ears short, pressed to the head. Somewhat shorter than the hares, and the feet of the hind limbs.

Unlike rabbits, wild rabbits live in small colonies (several pairs in one place), accumulating on insignificant territory. They always lodge in holes, where they immediately hide in case of danger.

The burrows are arranged on a terrain with an uneven surface: among stony screes, in the tracts of sea shores, on steep banks of estuaries, in open spaces and even near human dwellings. At a depth of about 55 cm, the holes end in an underground small, round-shaped chamber (30×50 cm), which has two entrance lenses up to 2 m in length.