Can raccoons be pets ?

If you want you can keep any wild animal at home, but I do not see much sense in this. You must think about what this animal has to do, why start someone, if you want to torture him? A good owner always thinks about whether the pet will be good. Some people do not even have dogs.

However, the raccoon is a dog animal, it lends itself to training, and people occasionally start raccoons at home. A good host and a raccoon, and anyone will behave perfectly. People came to me with raccoons, I treated them, made vaccinations.

Raccoons lived at home and were quite happy. I remember bringing a four-month raccoon Misha – he was pleased, he was climbing me like a tree, it was the owner’s favorite. So, if you are ready to provide him with comfort, then he is quite suitable for the role of a pet.

Raccoons to the dog have nothing to do. Raccoon from the family of raccoons, and they yield with difficulty. They are easier to educate than to train. Raccoons, although forest residents, but at home they feel great (that’s only the owners are not always). The main goal of a raccoon life is to eat more, sleep a little longer. Therefore, they are very comfortable at home. Their shortcomings are intense curiosity and cowardice.