Can squirrels eat bread ?

Yes, squirrels can eat bread. but  only 10 grams per day! In general, the total amount of food eaten by a squirrel per day should not exceed 45 grams, otherwise it faces obesity, low mobility and, consequently, severe health problems up to a lethal outcome.

And, of course, it is unlikely that fresh bread will be given to the squirrels in the zoo – I think they are given a small white unsalted, unsweetened, not fried cracker. That is, unlike ducks, you can give bread (dry) to squirrels. Of course, not moldy breadcrumbs – you yourself are not there in fact? Well, that’s what other mammals do not want either.

It is not for nothing that in all illustrations to children’s books the squirrel is depicted either with a nut or with a mushroom in the paws. This is a favorite squirrel food. In addition, squirrels eat berries, and how they masterfully master cones, it is worth a look.

Pine cones will be enough squirrel for a couple of minutes, well, and spruce will entertain the animal for about five minutes. After this time from the cones will remain only useless in terms of eating “shell” – all the seeds will be eaten.