Can you eat turkey eggs ?

Yes, you can eat turkey eggs. Europeans first tried the turkey eggs thanks to Columbus: the Spaniards brought turkeys from the American continent to their homeland (therefore these birds are often called “Spanish chickens”).

Their eggs weigh about 75 grams, they have a cream-white shell, and the younger the hen, the lighter and smaller her eggs. Although turkeys are grown almost everywhere in the world, their eggs are rarely available. These birds are usually bred for meat, so the eggs are left for breeding chicks. However, in villages or farms you can find such eggs.

Turkey’s eggs belong to high-value food products, which are used in medical and preventive nutrition. All nutrients and properties of the egg are in an ideal ratio. The chemical composition of eggs is unstable: it depends on the nature of the feed, the time when the egg is demolished. In curative and therapeutic-preventive nutrition except for chicken, only turkey eggs are used.

With the constant consumption of turkey eggs, a person has improved memory and metabolism, strengthened immunity, and turkey eggs provide strength to hair, nails and teeth.