Coyotes – information

What do you know about coyotes? These are intelligent and incredibly easily adaptable animals from the canine family. Coyotes are unique mammals that can find a way out of any situation. We picked up the 5 most interesting facts about these animals.

Coyote is an expert in hunting for rodents. That’s why he is considered an excellent fighter with them. While these wild dogs have a bad reputation among farmers, smart coyotes – “companions” can actually be aides for ranchers

The main diet of animals are rabbits and other small rodents, which harm pastures and fields. Coyotes rarely attack large and small cattle. But one adult “wolf” can still ruin a chicken coop. But if farmers can find a “common language” with wild animals that live near their possessions, coyotes will hunt rodents who are attracted to harvest fields, thereby regulating the number of pests. But if you try to tame the animal, it quickly loses the skills of hunting small Rodents and prefers more easy prey – domestic birds, cats, pigeons, etc.

There were not so many coyotes. But with the arrival in Europe of Europeans who hunted pumas and bears (the main natural enemies of coyotes), their population increased significantly. In addition, deforestation forced animals to migrate throughout the North American continent.

The eastern coyote is more western and has wolf features. Why? A recent analysis of the eastern coyote DNA showed that this kind of animal is a hybridization of the western coyote and the eastern wolf. That is why the eastern coyote is often called the “coywolf.” In addition, the study not only confirmed the previously existing theory of the origin of the eastern coyote, but also uncovered another mystery: it turned out that the DNA of this animal has identical parts of the DNA of a domestic dog. This kind of coyotes can be recognized as a new subspecies, or perhaps a new species in the future. And at the moment the eastern coyote is still being studied.

These representatives of the canine family are not only excellent hunters. Coyotes are happy to taste ripe berries, vegetables, fruits and even carrion – they are omnivorous. It is for this reason that those who decide to have an unusual pet should consider all the details in advance: the coyote will certainly want to try the harvest of grapes, rummage in the vegetable garden and chase after the neighbor’s cat.

Coyotes choose a couple for life – they are monogamous. In 2012, scientists completed a 10-year study on the behavior of coyotes in the wild. As a result of prolonged work it became known that animals choose themselves a couple of times in their lives and always remain faithful. And after the death of the “half” the male / female lives out his life alone.