Crayfish scientific name

Crayfish scientific name is Crustacea. Crayfish are related to arthropod animals. Not only their legs, but also the body is divided into segments. The body itself consists of the head, chest and abdomen. The tail end of the abdomen is called the “neck” of the crayfish . It ends with a caudal blade.

The crayfish has ten free legs. Some of the limbs have “grown together” with their heads, turning into so-called jaws. Two of the free legs are powerful claws.

Crayfish can even grab them by the finger, and it’s pretty painful. The remaining three pairs of legs serve to move the animal. The crayfish can slowly creep forward, can back off and even move sideways. Usually, however, the crayfish moves head first, like all other animals. But “can not run” on its thin legs crayfish can not.

Noticing the danger, the crayfish works as follows. He sharply moves the water “tail”, as a result of which he “jumps” back. Crayfish can even swim “backwards”.