Do bears eat honey ?

Yes, bears love to eat honey. Bears eat various plants, their roots, stems and fruits – berries, nuts, acorns; catch insects and rodents, sometimes “indulge” in small ungulates; bears of coastal regions are fine fishermen. To provide energy so massive body, and even accumulate fat for the hibernation season, they have to eat 30-40 kilograms a day in the summer and autumn.

But he will eat something, but who will give it to him? Bears are often overwhelmed by lack of fodder. As it was at the beginning of last winter in Siberia.

Either the harvest of nuts and berries that fall was especially scarce, or the people tortured by non-payment of wages made the beast a serious competition to collect taiga gifts, but a significant part of the bear population due to fodder for winter rest did not go to the den, and almost every week local television gave summaries of the battles of our gallant militia with bears, who in search of food wandered to the outskirts of human settlements.

Of all bears, only a polar bear is carnivorous. All other species are omnivorous – they consume both plant and animal food. Bears feed on seeds, roots, grass, nuts and berries. All bears like honey, so they destroy bee hives.  The polar bear is a skillful hunter: he often trades in the sea – to catch seals. The bear, sitting by the hole, waits for the seal to appear. He kills the prey with one paw.