Do bears eat humans ?

Usually bears don’t eat humans, but they can. Bears are considered among the most intelligent and intelligent animals, it is well known that they are easier to train than other animals and achieve great success in this. However, the bear is more dangerous than exotic tigers or lions.

The bear is a seductive hunting trophy; The firearm in the hands seems reliable, trouble-free, highly destructive. As a result – a shot at the beast. And he is not only tenacious and strong, but he also has truly extraordinary agility. Watching a bear in a calm atmosphere, you do not expect such a quickness from him. With an incorrect shot, in a few moments he can be near the hunter and pounce on him. As a result – a mutilated or even killed by a beast hunter.

As a result of all this – a new wave of rumors swells, swollen and distorted, about the bloodthirstiness of bears. And the reason for all is an unnecessary, incorrect shot, without which the man and beast would surely have dispersed peacefully.

  In this regard, I want to quote a famous naturalist from the US National Park Service George Dixon. He demanded that his subordinates never enter with weapons in the habitat of even the most formidable animals (in the national parks of the United States, the largest subspecies of brown bears and puma live – all dangerous animals).