Do chameleons lay eggs ?

Yes, chameleons lay eggs. The mating season falls on the middle of summer, in October-November the female lays 20-40 eggs in the mink.After laying eggs and covering them with earth from above, the female forms flooring from branches and leaves. The incubation period lasts nine months. Born babies, like most reptiles, from the first days of life are left to themselves.

The large round eyes of the chameleons are surrounded by a continuous, scaled ringed eyelid, in the center of which there is a small hole for the pupil. Eye movements are not interconnected; each can rotate horizontally (by 180 °) and vertically (by 90 °).

Thanks to this, sitting on the spot, the lizard can look with one eye up or down, while the second one is pointed back or to the side. This allows you, without moving your head, to watch everything that is happening around.

It feeds on insects, spiders, tadpoles. Enemies of the chameleon are almost all predatory birds and mammals living in the neighborhood.