Do foxes eat cats ?

Foxes usually kill and eat  kittens. It’s hard for them to kill adult cats. Animal fox forests live practically on the whole planet, except for arctic tundra and islands. There are about 11 species and 15 subspecies of this animal.

This wild predator loves the tundra, taiga, mountains, deserts, steppe. Everywhere the fox can adapt and arrange a home for himself. The closer she lives to the North, the greater her size, and the color of the coat brighter and more saturated.

Conversely, in the southern regions the fox is smaller, and its color is paler. They never attach themselves to any particular place of residence. Due to their amazing ability to adapt, they can live for thousands of kilometers from their real homeland.

It can not be said about a fox animal that it is strong as a bear, or has fangs sharp as a wolf, or claws as strong as a wild cat, but its viability is not inferior to these predatory animals, in nothing.