Do hamsters bite ?

Yes, they do. Situations when hamsters bite occur often. Owners on this occasion are at a loss: the hamster has already tamed, the hands were taken repeatedly, but now he took and bit. The reasons why a hamster bites, maybe a few. Sometimes the fact that the animal shows teeth does not indicate its aggressiveness.

Hamsters are rodents. They gnaw not only what is intended for them to eat. To the tooth they try everything – for them this is a kind of knowledge of reality. To appreciate an item, you should try it on your taste. Otherwise, the picture will be incomplete.

So they try. You took it for the first time – he, of course, was frightened and bit. He does not know about your intentions and tries to defend himself in this way. Another reason is getting information. Hearing and smelling is not enough for him, biting, he fills the missing gap – now he knows everything about you.

You need to know how to properly take a hamster out of the cage. Never take it from above – it gets frightened and starts to bite. The best option is to take it from the side or from the bottom. Place your hand on the filler and wait for the curious baby hamster to come closer, sniff and sit on your palm.