Do hippos eat meat ?

These are cruel herbivores, for which their territory is very important. Hippos don’t eat meat. Dominant male hippopotamus owns a territory that includes a pond with females.

Young males are ready to push the old and take possession of their territory. Against this background, frequent conflicts occur, accompanied by fierce fights. The battle begins with the fact that the young male tries to bite off the tail of the old one.

The teeth of the hippopotamus are an intimidating weapon. Four canines can grow up to 50 cm in size, and they are sharp as a blade.

The jaws of the animal can open more than 1 m and be closed with one click with a force of 800 kg, sufficient to break the crocodile’s ridge or break the motor boat.

If a young male wins, he climbs onto the back of the defeated old, thereby demonstrating his victory and power on this pond. Then he covers his territory with feces, letting other individuals know that he is the master here. The defeated old hippo, left without a tail, leaves this territory.