Do raccoons have thumbs ?

The raccoon moves on the soles of the feet (hanging), hunched, turning the front legs outward and clumsily on the move. Paws large and flat with tenacious fingers. The front paws resemble thin human hands that make the raccoon unusually dexterous, especially sensitive and allow the raccoon to be controlled with food.

Raccoon raises food with forelegs before putting it into his mouth.

They have a well developed hearing, which makes them especially attentive. Raccoons have a well-developed sense of touch.

The toes are deeply divided, grasping. Muzzle short with large standing ears, around the eyes dark spots in the form of a mask on a light muzzle. Ears are large, protruding from fur and rounded on tops.

In comparison with other predators, rumor and vision of raccoons are developed medium, and sense of smell is good. Raccoons who live in the northern regions have a fat layer, which is about 50% of the total weight of the raccoon, and helps it cope with frosts.