Do sea lions eat humans ?

No, sea lions don’t eat humans. The basis of the diet of these mammals are such animals as: crustaceans, mollusks and some species of small fish. The very dexterous and quirky body of the sea lion makes him an excellent hunter – he very briskly and promptly pursues his prey, and then enjoys the process of eating it.

Once a year, these animals have a mating season, during which one male collects about a certain number of female individuals (10-12). Later, he becomes the father of the future offspring from each “his” female. Sometimes, males organize fights among themselves for leadership, but these fights are not too fierce.

The process of bearing the fetus lasts one year, after that babies appear – sea lions, whose mother feeds her milk (during the 5 to 7 first months of life). Immediately after the birth, the females again begin mating with the males in order to replenish the herd in a year with new individuals.

When new members of the herd finish their first molt. They form a separate group, which lives separately. Before reaching puberty. The average life expectancy of these mammals is 20 years.