Do snails have eyes ?

Snails have eyes, the organs of sight of the snails are located at the ends of the “horns”, just so the inhabitants call their tentacles located on the head. The eyes allow snails to distinguish between the degree of illumination and also to see objects at a distance of 1 centimeter.

Interestingly, the light is perceived not only by the eyes, but also by the body of the mollusk. In his body there are light-sensitive cells, so the snails are very sensitive to bright light, for which they do not like it. This must be taken into account in their content. Snails need an incandescent lamp for warming, but at the same time it is necessary to make a barrier, where the pet could hide. Otherwise, she will have to sit under the ground all the time.

In addition to the large tentacles on which the eyes are located, the snail possesses a pair of the same only small ones. They are responsible for sense of smell and touch, yet another ability of these organs is called “chemical sense”. This is a reaction to the smells of substances that have a non-natural origin, for example, gasoline, acetone, alcohol. Such a “scent” mollusk will feel at a distance of 4 centimeters. “Chemical sense” is also the skin of the front surface of the body, the head, the front edge of the foot and the entrance to the respiratory cavity of the mollusk.

In this case, the usual sense of smell in snails is better developed. So, the smell of melon or cabbage, they feel at a distance of half a meter, and decaying leaves or the remains of a tree sniff as much as two meters. Small tentacles are also responsible for the touch of the cochlea, as is its sole.