Do snakes have bones ?

Watching the movement of the snake, you are primarily surprised by two things. Firstly, how it moves: legs are not visible, nothing pushes and pulls the snake’s body – and yet it moves! Well, and secondly, the body of the snake “flows” on the ground, as if it were without bones!

Nevertheless, the snake is just filled with bones, it’s a fact! Snakes have articulated spine, to which ribs are attached. Some snakes can attach up to 145 pairs of ribs to their flexible spine. The vertebrae join each other in a kind of articulated joints, with each vertebrae having its own pair of ribs, which gives the vertebrae and ribs freedom of movement.

The ends of each pair of ribs, in turn, are connected by muscles with one of the plates (scales) on the belly of the snake.

There are snakes in the head and jaws in snakes. During food, the snake is able to spread its jaws very widely, because the bones of the mouth and throat are not rigidly fixed. In fact, most snakes swallow prey without even killing it. They simply digest it alive.