Do snakes hibernate ?

Yes, snakes hibernate. So, it is believed that at the Exaltation, celebrated annually on September 27, there is a “snake coven” when snakes crawl out of their burrows, collect tangles and prepare for wintering. Part of this is the truth. Of course, they do not observe the calendar, but at the end of September the weather gets colder and, gathering in tangles, the snakes bask. A little later, with the onset of cold weather, they leave to spend the winter.

This fact is quite understandable, snakes are ectotherms. They are completely dependent on the ambient temperature. With the onset of cold weather, they have nothing to do, how to leave for the winter, because they will not find heat, and it is impossible to catch prey in the winter. During sleep their metabolism slows down dozens of times, the heart can only beat 6 times per minute, but with the advent of spring everything falls into place.

The way snakes spend their winter depends on the habitat and the weather conditions of the terrain. In colder regions, at the advent of cold weather, snakes gather in groups, choose a secluded place and calmly fall asleep. In places of wintering, snakes, as a rule, are haystacks, the roots of old trees, mouse mink and courses, slopes.

Such places snakes are not chosen simply, they have a higher temperature than the ambient temperature.