Do squirrels hibernate ?

Most of squirrels doesn’t hibernate. Squirrel is a useful animal it can cause and some harm to a person. Their teeth are very strong and they can do everything they can with squirrel. If they live next to a person’s dwelling, this can be a complete catastrophe.

To ensure that the squirrels do not hurt in the basement or on the hill and do not spoil the property in those places it is desirable to put animal skins. Scarecrows do not help. From the skin emanates the smell of the animal and the squirrel deters it to some extent.

Even in severe frosts, squirrels do not leave their homes. It happens that they gather in one hollow for three or four beasts, close the entrance with moss and warm themselves, thus, escaping from severe frosts.

Although they have a warm coat, in the frosts below 20 degrees they do not leave their nests. Sleep at such a time for days. And only during the thaw they leave the hollow to collect the cones and replenish their food stock.

In the case of lean seasons, squirrels flow in whole streams in the direction where there is more food. Squirrel is very agile and dexterous. They are cautious and careful, their nest or hollow is difficult to notice.