Do turtles shed ?

If you did not know that reptiles can shed, you are probably wondering how the red-bellied turtle is shedding. This process occurs during the active growth of the body, when the pet is young enough. The fact is that the upper layers of the skin and carapace simply do not have time to grow after the body itself, as a result of which their exfoliation occurs.

It is not necessary to be frightened of this, molting does not present any danger to you or to the turtle. This is a natural process, foreseen by nature. However, it should be remembered that during the moult period your pet needs more attention from you.

In the early stages of development, the layers of the skin and the upper layers of the shell are peeled off by a hollow film that can float on the surface of the aquarium for a fairly long time. As you grow up, the amount of dead tissue decreases, and during the last reptilian ridge, only some areas of the skin and small particles of the carapace exfoliate. If you notice that the red-eared turtle is shedding, do not worry about her health – when the animal grows, this process will stop.

Young birds of the red-bellied turtle moult quite often. For a month they can have two molts. As a rule, frequent exfoliation of the skin and upper layers of the shell indicate the active growth of the pet. The total length of molting can reach several years – until the final growth of the pet.