Echidnas – information

Echidna are mammals, and belong to the unit of single pass. For today in the world there are two kinds of echidna: acicular and woolly. Echidna externally very similar to the porcupine. On her body are many hard hairs and sharp long needles, the color of which is sometimes white, gray, black or brown. The body length of echidna on average is somewhere between forty and fifty centimeters (but there are these animals and more, up to fifty-five centimeters). The average weight of echidna is seven kilograms.

The muzzle of echidna looks very unusual: instead of a nose and lips, it has a long “trunk” called a beak. This individual does not have teeth. Her paws are not long, but, despite this, they are very strong. With the help of such paws these animals very quickly dig out the earth.

By nature this animal is a loner. She has a zealous attitude towards her personal territory, and most likely will not let anyone into her “hunting zone”. The body of echidna is heavy and not very suitable for swimming, but it does not prevent it from swimming serenely. This animal can cross even a large pond with water. These animals live constantly in different places.

Echidna has incredibly sharp eyesight and, therefore, she instantly pays attention to the danger and tries to hide in bushes or in crevices of rocks. If the enemy discovered the animal where there is no place to hide, the echidna begins to bury its body in the soil at a frenzied speed, only its needles remain visible on the top. Sometimes defending themselves from enemies, the echidna folds into a ball. She does this in the event that she is in an open place, the earth is hard and can not dig.