Facts about antelopes

  • Antelope is identified with grace, speed, visual acuity, spiritual ideal. Often the gods use antelope as a means of transportation.
  • The Egyptians are dedicated to Seth, but can also personify Osiris and Gore as its opposite.
  • In Asia Minor and Europe, the antelope is a lunar animal associated with the Great Mother.
  • In the Sumerian-Semitic tradition, the antelope is a symbol of Ea and Marduk. Ea-Oannes – antelope of the underground ocean, Apsu – antelope creation. Moon antelope is dedicated to Astarte.
  • The Hindus are the emblem of Shiva. Soma and Chandra harness the antelope in their chariots. The god of the winds of Pavan rides on the antelope.
  • In the Iranian tradition, an antelope is called a gazelle. She is a companion of Vaho, a deity of air and wind. According to Islamic ideas, beautiful eyes of a gazelle symbolize a contemplative life.
  • South African Bushmen consider antelope to be the embodiment of the higher creature – the creator of the Cagna world, and in Mali – the central hero of the religious cult who gave people the skills of farming.
  • In the heraldry of the antelope symbolizes fierce strength and danger. In this case, it is depicted with the head of a tiger armed with tusks, the body of a powerful deer, the tail of a unicorn.
  • Antelope wildebeest is a large ungulate animal that is common in various African countries. To date, this species of antelope resides in national parks specially created and protected by the state and in nature reserves.