Facts about arctic foxes

Arctic fox belongs to the family of dog. This small predator, which has a long thick coat and looks like a Spitz, lives in the harsh climatic conditions. He is a clever and courageous hunter who possesses a variety of abilities, helping to survive in such a harsh climate of the tundra.

  • The foxes live in pairs, but in winter they diverge for food.
  • Arctic foxes have a well developed hearing and sense of smell, somewhat weaker – vision.
  • Arctic Foxes are covered with dark, smoky-brown fur.
  • When the female is pregnant, she does not hunt, the male takes care of her, getting food for herself and her pregnant companion.
  • In Arctic Foxes, 8 to 12 puppies are born in one litter, but sometimes 20 or even 40 babies can be found in burrows. This is because foxes often adopt alien cubs.
  • In winter, Arctic Foxes often chase polar bears to feed the remnants of their food.
  • The young leaves their parents at the end of autumn or early winter, about 4 months after birth. But by the next summer they are returning to their parents and helping to educate their new offspring.
  • Cubs Arctic foxes are born blind, but only after 9-18 days after birth.
  • The number of foxes is affected by the number of lemmings.
  • In the wild, animals live 6-10 years.