Facts about chinchillas

Chinchilla is a funny and cute little animal, loved by many as a pet. During this relatively short time, many interesting facts and stories were collected as a household pet about Chinchilla, which will be discussed further.

  • Few people know that the chinchilla was tamed by the Indians of South America, which they called Chincha.
  • In the wild, only chinchillas with a gray color are found, but in the last century, chinchillas and other colors were extracted by geneticists: ebony, homoebony, sapphire, purple, beige, white, black velvet.
  • People inhabit chinchillas in the highlands of the Andes in South America.
  • Animals live in colonies.
  • Chinchillas do not see well, but they have an excellent sense of smell, with which they are well-oriented.
  • The life span of a chinchilla is about 20 years.
  • The front feet grow much faster than the rear legs and have five fingers, in contrast to the rear ones, on which four fingers are located.
  • To ensure that the sand does not get into your ears during bathing, the ears have special membranes that seal the ears during the procedure.
  • With the help of its body structure, namely the skeleton, the chinchilla can shrink vertically and can penetrate even the narrowest mink and cracks.
  • Chinchillas do not shed, but only drop their wool in case of danger or in a stressful situation.
  • The dense undercoat of the chinchilla does not allow the settling of parasites (mites, fleas).
  • As a protective reaction, chinchillas are sometimes fired upon by an opponent with a stream of urine.
  • The female chinchilla is much larger than the male.
  • When the chinchilla does not like something, it produces strange sounds similar to grunting or chirping.
  • Chinchilla is a peaceable animal, but in case of any danger, she can stand up for herself by biting the offender with sharp teeth.
  • Chinchillas have very thick fur and is the world record holder of animals for its density.
  • Chinchillas lack sweat glands, which is why they do not smell at all.
  • Chinchilla does not bathe in the water, because of the lack of sweat and sebaceous glands, they immediately get wet and do not stay on the water.