Facts about flounder

Most of the existing species of flounder are considered very valuable food. One of the most delicious fish is the European halibut. The white halibut is the largest representative of the family of flounder.

After we learned that the vitamin A content in the liver of this fish is the largest, and besides it there is also vitamin D, the halibut literally began to hunt, and special vessels were designed and built, the equipment of which was “sharpened” “I catch this fish. Although the most important of the commercial flounder fish remains the flounder itself, the habitat of which is located off the coast of Europe. The difference between this fish is a characteristic color with red spots.

There are more than five hundred species of flounder, of which separately it is worth mentioning large fletans, rots, ploskus, common halibuts. Their similarity is that they have a flat body, like a pancake, they can lie on the bottom or swim on one side, while both their eyes are on top of the other side.

In ancient times the flounder did not swim and did not lie on their side. Their movement was carried out in a normal position, but as a result they became easy prey for their enemies. That is why, in order to survive, they began to swim and lie on their sides, and thousands of years later all flounder became such.

But there was one more problem. Lying on one side meant that one eye would remain immersed in the mud, and the mouth would remain in a position not too convenient for eating. Therefore, for many thousands of years, these fish have tried to turn the lower eye to see. And over time, the eye shifted to the top of the head.

It is absolutely incredible that even today every butt fish passes through all the stages of this process. After the birth, she goes through all the stages of evolution during her own life – her eye really passes from one side of her head to the other and remains in the end at the top!