Facts about gerbils

  • Gerbils are able to perceive human speech. Researchers from the University of South Alabama experimentally found that these mice can distinguish sounds in the same way as babies do.
  • When gerbils are given a treat, they often wink with one eye. This can be regarded as a sign of gratitude and pleasure from eating.
  • If the gerbils feel danger, they begin to bang their hind legs. And males produce a similar knock even at the moment of mating.
  • Gerbils get along well with other small animals, in particular with rodents, and when they meet with their relatives they touch their noses. So the animals say hello.
  • Gerbils can purr with pleasure, like a cat. More precisely, you will not hear a sound, but you will feel a characteristic vibration. However, these pets moo only when they really like to sit on the hands of a man.
  • Unlike other rodents, gerbils never bite people unless they see a threat to their lives in their actions.
  • Gerbils live about 4 years, but already in the 3rd year the animals show signs of aging.