Facts about komodo dragons

  • Unlike other different species of lizards, komodo dragons or monitor lizards support one partner throughout life. Komodo dragons can run at a speed of about 18 km per hour.
  • This is the only lizard that hunts and kills prey more than its body and more than it can swallow whole.
  • In order not to be eaten by the dragon, young people often smear in their own feces, they give off an unpleasant smell and the adult varan runs away.
  • Komodo dragon is the heaviest lizard in the world, weighing 70 kg or more, and up to 3 meters in length.
  • They have a large, flat head, a rounded nose and a long, muscular tail. They move on four strong paws. The environment in which they inhabit, is recognized as one of the most severe in the world.
  • Mating occurs somewhere between May and August. The female lays eggs in September. The female can lay up to 20 eggs at a time.
  • A komodo┬ádragon can live up to 50 years. Despite its long life and the fact that it is the most effective predator of the Indonesian islands, they are classified as endangered species through uncontrolled human hunting.
  • The Komodo dragon is a carnivorous animal (meat-eater) and will devour any animal, they are able to dismember and swallow.
  • Komodo┬ádragons are formidable predators, since even one bite can be fatal. Bacteria that live in the saliva of the dragon are so dangerous that wounds often do not heal. Even if the victim leaves, usually dies of infection in a few days.