Facts about lynx

Today, probably, there is no one person who could not recognize the lynx. Lynx is a carnivorous cat that can feel comfortable in the conditions of severe frost, move freely along the sharp tops of rocks and at the same time feel excellent, because such climatic conditions are the most acceptable for it. The beautiful lynx has amazing tassels on the ears, a short tail and large sideburns.

Of course, many are interested in the question of whether a trot is attacking a person? The lynx of a man does not touch, only a few facts are known that testify how a wounded lynx attacked people. In her usual state, when she meets a man in the forest, she tries to hide and do not show her presence. You can also hear about the invasion of the lynx into the settlements and the attack on livestock, scientists still can not explain this behavior of the northern cat.

  • Lynx do not really like foxes and at the first opportunity try to destroy them. This is due to the fact that foxes are very cunning and very fond of encroaching on other people’s prey. When a lynx sees a fox nearby, she leaves her prey and waits, when the fox approaches her, then attacks her, but does not eat, but simply leaves it in place;
  • The lynx has a very sharp sight, and as one version says, even the coat of arms of Finland depicts a lynx, not a lion;
  • Thanks to his tassels on his ears, the lynx has an incredible ear, she can hear the man’s footsteps for several kilometers, so catching the trot is very difficult;
  • Lynx is quite interesting to a person, she can easily break his neck, but at the same time, avoiding people and not attacking them;
  • The ancient Greeks believed that the lynx can see through the objects;
  • Interesting is the fact that if you trim the brushes on your ears
  • Lynx, then the acuteness of her hearing will drop significantly;
  • Only one kind of lynx is listed in the Red Book this Pyrenean trot because its fur is very beautiful and soft, people chasing after expensive prey actively exterminated them for a long time;
  • During the movement of the hind leg lynx puts in the trail of the front, just like wolves and tigers do;
  • Before forming a pair, lynxes beat hard with their foreheads until they hear the crunching of their bones;
  • Lynx never attacks from above, hiding on the branches of trees or on the slopes of rocks they hunt down their prey or rest;
  • The maximum weight of an adult male lynx sometimes reaches 30 kg, while the average female weighs only about 18 kg;
  • A female lynx breeds offspring for about 70 days, usually gives birth to 2-3 kittens;
  • Lynx kittens begin to see only on the 13-14 day after birth;
  • For a day of lynx it is required to sit about 2 kg of meat;
  • Lynx I prefer to eat voles;
  • Mom-lynx has the ability to choose their kittens physical qualities from different fathers yet, being pregnant;
  • A constellation called Lynx was discovered by Gevely;
  • Cat jump can reach 4m in length;
  • The sharpness of teeth and claws of a lynx can be compared with a blade;
  • The lynx kills the victim instantly, without tormenting her.