Facts about red pandas

  • Red pandas have a red or even orange color that serves them as a kind of camouflage from predators in the forest. And how do you know the orange bamboo trees.
  • They spend a lot of time on trees, and in this they are helped by paws similar in structure with large pandas and tenacious claws on them.
  • They like to sleep very much. They will play the first half of the day, get food and build nests, but after lunch they gladly go to bed and fall asleep.
  • Red pandas are included in the red book. Their species is sharply reduced and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them in the wild natural environment. They live in some Chinese provinces, Nepal, Burma and India.
  • Females build neat and safe nests in the trunks of carefully selected trees. New-born babies will need to live in these nests until they reach 3-4 months. Therefore, the nest should be ready to serve such a long period for the red pandas.
  • Panda climbs trees much faster and faster than moving on the ground, that is why deforestation in its habitat significantly reduces its population.
  • 13 hours a day the panda is busy searching and chewing food. The rest of the time she peacefully sleeps, climbing a tall branch.
  • Only genetic studies allowed a long-term dispute over who the red panda really is – a bear or a raccoon. Genetics decided that she – neither one nor the other. The red panda was separated into a separate family, whose distant ancestor were raccoon, unlike the big panda, which, quite definitely, belongs to the bear family.