Facts about Siberian Tigers

Tigers are one of the largest land predators, and Siberian Tigers are bright representatives of these large cats. Strong, energetic, proud, they are mercilessly replaced by man from their habitual habitat, as a result of which they are already on the verge of complete destruction, sadly. It remains only to hope that the situation will improve in connection with the measures taken to protect them.

  • Of all the species of tigers, it is the Siberian species that are the least in the world.
  • Since the Siberian tiger is the most northern of all, it can boast a thicker and longer fur than its southern counterparts.
  • There are six species of tigers in the world, and Siberian  is the largest of them, being thus the largest cats on the planet.
  • The tail of the Siberian tiger is also the longest, it can reach 110-115 centimeters in length.
  • The Siberian tiger is also often called Siberian and Ussuri, but it is the first name that is official and accepted throughout the world.
  • Currently, the Siberian tiger, standing on the verge of extinction, is listed in the red book.
  • The Siberian tiger can be called an “absolute predator” standing on the top of the food chain. In the wild, he attacks and devours virtually all who are inferior to him in size. A hungry tiger attacks even bears.
  • The Siberian tiger never kills more animals than it needs for sustenance.
  • One-year-old cubs can already hunt independently.
  • On average, the Siberian tigers live about ten to twelve years on the outside.
  • The weight of an adult Siberian tiger easily reaches 200 kg, and the growth at the withers sometimes exceeds a meter. There were tigers and weights of 400 kg.
  • The Siberian  tiger can cover a distance of up to seven meters with one jump.
  • On average, the Siberian tiger consumes about 20 kg of meat per day, but it can eat three times or four times as much.
  • Hunt Siberian tigers prefer from ambush.
  • On average, only one attack out of ten turns out to be successful for the Siberian tiger. Thus, most of their life tigers have to devote to hunting.
  • Of all the species of tigers, it is the Siberian who attack humans more rarely than others. Why – is unknown.