Facts about sparrows

Sparrows are ubiquitous little birds that are so common to most people that they are simply not noticed. But these birds are far from as simple as we used to think! Therefore, we collected a selection of interesting facts about sparrows.

  • Sparrows live not only in most of Eurasia – they are found everywhere in all of Africa, as well as in North America.
  • Sparrows successfully mastered human settlements, and willingly settle next to people.
  • The weight of an adult sparrow is only 25-35 grams, sometimes a little more.
  • Sparrows are characterized by the manifestation of monogamy – these birds often form permanent couples, and live together for life.
  • The average life sparrow is about four years, although there are cases when these birds lived more than ten years.
  • In the year, sparrows multiply more than once, and two or three, depending on the range of habitats. In Africa, for example, they usually acquire offspring three times a year.
  • The first monument to the sparrow for its fight with insect pests was erected in the US, in Boston, in the XIX century. This happened shortly after the sparrows were brought to the US to fight the caterpillars.
  • In the sixties of the last century, several billions of sparrows were destroyed in China, as it was believed that they damage the crops. This was the reason for the ecological catastrophe, because because of the thinned sparrow population uncontrolledly bred insects destroyed much more crops than birds. As a result, hunger erupted, and sparrows China had to be bought abroad.
  • Sparrows love to swim in the sand. In fact, they so clean the feathers. In winter they often bathe in the snow.
  • A sparrow can not be in the air without rest for more than a quarter of an hour.
  • During the flight, the heart of the sparrow commits up to a thousand beats per minute.
  • Scientists have established that the homeland of sparrows is Southeast Asia.
  • The chestnut sparrow is a real aggressor. He does not build his nests, preferring to drive out other birds and take up their dwelling.
  • The snow sparrow builds its nests in the mountains at an altitude of up to 5000 meters above sea level.