Fox characteristics

The fox most often prefers to get food for himself during the day. But she has absolutely all the necessary skills for night hunting, which she sometimes does. Her senses are very highly developed, many predators can envy them.

The vision of the fox is at such a high level that it sees everything even during a rather poor visibility. Her ears, which constantly move, catch the slightest rustle, it helps the fox to notice the rodents.

At the slightest hint that the mouse is next to it, the fox completely freezes and tries in such a situation to calculate where and how the rodent sits.After that, she makes a powerful leap and lands just on the victim, pressing her tightly to the ground. Each predator has its own excrement-marked territory.

For us, the fox is wise, determined, with an incredible desire for action, an animal. In the animal world, foxes are animals with huge internal qualities and potential.