Fox is one of the most beautiful predators. Color of the skin is red, the tail is long and fluffy, the muzzle is long and narrow, and the eyes are smart and cunning. Fox in size resembles a small dog. The color of the red cheat varies from fiery reddish to gray. In the north, the foxes are almost red, in the steppe they are gray-yellow. The most beautiful is black-brown fur. Therefore, blackbirds have long been bred on farms.

The fox lives in Europe, and in Asia, and in America, and in Africa. This beast adapts well to different climatic conditions. Southern foxes are smaller than the northern foxes, and besides northern foxes fur is thicker and furry. The fox is an extremely agile and quick beast. She runs so fast that it’s hard for dogs to catch up with her. In addition, it is a very cunning animal: it can embark on various tricks, entangling its own tracks or gaining its livelihood.

The fox is a great hunter. In addition to observation and ingenuity, she has excellent memory, good sense of smell and remarkably sharp hearing. Pole vole, for example, the fox hears for 100 m. Being a predator, the fox eats a variety of animals. She eats mice, rabbits, rabbits, amphibians, reptiles with pleasure, digs earthworms from the earth after rain, catches fish and crayfish in the river. But the red-headed cheat especially likes to eat a bird. Therefore, she often peeks into the chicken coops. By the way, the neighborhood of a person does not frighten the fox at all, so you can often find a fox hole very close to the village. Meat ration fox with success complements berries, apples, vegetables.

Each fox has its own fodder site. She zealously protects him from invasion by strangers and always knows what is happening near her hole. The fox usually hunts in the evening and at night, although there are exceptions. Some animals prefer to bypass the places of harelocks during the day, hunt for birds and feed exclusively on large game, neglecting mice or frogs.

In spite of the fact that the fox will not miss the chance to eat a zazyvavshiesya hare, catch a tether or ruin a bird’s nest, in the forest it brings much more benefits than harm. The main food for foxes is the voles, mice, gophers and other rodents that are harmful to agriculture. And the growing foxes in large numbers are destroying the May beetles – known pests in forest areas.